Social Semiotics Special Issue: Typographic Landscaping

Out now: Social Semiotics 25/2 (2015), Special Issue: Typographic Landscaping: Creativity, Ideology, Movement. Guest Editors: Johan Järlehed and Adam Jaworski.


Editorial: Typographic landscaping: creativity, ideology, movement
Johan Järlehed & Adam Jaworski (pp. 117-125)

Research paper: Graphic variation and graphic ideologies: a metapragmatic approach
Jürgen Spitzmüller (pp. 126-141)

Research note: The Latino-ness of type: making design identities socially significant
Johana Londoño (pp. 142-150)

Visual essay: Between Frutigerization and tradition: diversity, standardization, and readability in contemporary typographic landscapes
Indra Kupferschmid (pp. 151-164)

Research paper: Ideological framing of vernacular type choices in the Galician and Basque semiotic landscape
Johan Järlehed (pp. 165-199)

Research note: The ideological appropriation of the letter <k> in the Spanish linguistic landscape
Francesco Screti (pp. 200-208)

Visual essay: Urban palimpsests and contending signs
Sydney J. Shep (pp. 209-216)

Research paper: Globalese: a new visual-linguistic register
Adam Jaworski (pp. 217-235)

Research note: Creativity in polyscriptal typographies in the linguistic landscape of Taipei
Melissa L. Curtin (pp. 236-243)

Research paper: Notes towards a semiotics of kinetic typography
Theo van Leeuwen & Emilia Djonov (pp. 244-253)